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Nowdays electricity has been the most important form of power,however over 50% of the planet lacks complete electric facilities.While some industrial countries like East Asia,North America and West Europe are working on a green energy revolution,others are troubled by aging basic electric facilities,backward technology and lacking engineer team.

Eugenia Tech is committed to enable customer the abilities to produce distribution transformers and other related electric products with anvanced processsing skills.Product design,raw material source ,machine source and on site technical support are its main buiness.

Eugenia Tech makes the future brighter!

Help customers achieve rapid and health developments through our efforts.

Transformer Bobbin Customization Solutions

In modern power systems, the design of transformer bobbin is crucial and directly affects the performance and reliability of the equipment. We provide customized transformer bobbin solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Material selection: We use high-quality materials, including high-quality silicon steel sheets and special alloys, to ensure that the bobbin has excellent magnetic permeability and low loss characteristics.

Customized sizes: Based on your needs, we can provide customized bobbins in various sizes and shapes to ensure a perfect fit for your transformer design.

Exquisite workmanship: We have advanced manufacturing processes and technologies, capable of accurately processing and assembling transformer bobbins to ensure product quality and stability.

Professional team: We have experienced engineers and technicians who can provide you with professional design consultation and technical support to ensure the smooth implementation of your project.

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